Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pulse News Reader

Has twitter killed the RSS feed? For me, no, not completely. It has definitely changed the way I browse feeds. Where I used to live in NNW, I now get most of my info via twitter.
There are still a handful of sites that are ideal for a newsreader; Daring Fireball, Canon Rumors, traditional news sites - such as NYT. I have 10 to 12 of these in Pulse, I can quickly peruse new posts, scrolling up and down, left or right. Pulse is very good for a quick review of a handful of information sources. Pulse is also equally useable on the iPhone or iPad.
If you are looking for a simple news reader, for a modest number of feeds, give Pulse a try.

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caftan said...

This rules, love the widget, could be a little faster on to load full stories. Wish there was a browser/desktop based version I could sync with so I could leave google reader. Curation on the "top ___ stories" is great too, helps keep the important stuff at the top effectively