Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Audible for iPhone upgraded to ver. 1.3 - Adds Access to Store

The big news with Audible for iPhone 1.3 is access to the new beta mobile webstore for browsing and purchasing Audible books from your iPhone. Version 1.3 has a new "Shop" tab accessible from your "My Library" screen. From the shop tab there is an orange "Enter the Mobile Store" button, clicking it launches mobile safari - sign in and you are displayed with a mobile version of the Audible.com website. You can browse, view your wish list and purchase books. Then return to the Audible for iPhone app and download your newly purchased book - via wifi.
Access to purchasing is a big win for the Audible iPhone application, this added to the already useful bookmarking and sleep timer functionality results in a better book listening experience than using the built-in iPod functionality.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

ITunes Genius Revisited!

Quietly the Genius has become... Well... genius! Using my music library there are very few misses. It appears that Apple was correct, "over time, the Genius playlists will improve as more play data is collected.
Right on! Play a favorite song, hit the Genius logo and seconds later you have a very good playlist. If you have not used iTunes Genius in a while, consider giving it a try again.

I have been using Rhapodsy on the iPhone for new music discovery... I wish Rhapodsy would leverage a feature similar to Genius, it would be a great way to hear new music!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pulse News Reader

Has twitter killed the RSS feed? For me, no, not completely. It has definitely changed the way I browse feeds. Where I used to live in NNW, I now get most of my info via twitter.
There are still a handful of sites that are ideal for a newsreader; Daring Fireball, Canon Rumors, traditional news sites - such as NYT. I have 10 to 12 of these in Pulse, I can quickly peruse new posts, scrolling up and down, left or right. Pulse is very good for a quick review of a handful of information sources. Pulse is also equally useable on the iPhone or iPad.
If you are looking for a simple news reader, for a modest number of feeds, give Pulse a try.

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