Friday, August 27, 2010

My-Cast Weather Radar - my new GoTo Weather app!

I had been using TWC Max & RadarScope for months, they were my go to weather applications on the iPhone. The Weather Channel application provides solid forecast information and RadarScope is a solid weather radar app.
Then came along My-Cast, $3.99 from Garmin (digital cyclone) - I love the weather maps, as a cyclist, wind speed and direction are a good thing to know. My-Cast has great weather maps, more than just the standard animated precipitation radar maps, it has maps with wind direction and speed, animated cloud coverage maps, temperature maps, a StormWatch map and a traditional weather map (as seen on your 6PM news).
The interface is well thought out, for instance the Daily Forecast screen leverages the pinch gesture to provide more or less detail. Rotate your iPhone and you get a graphical scrolling view of the 7 day forecast. The Forecast screen also provides access to hourly weather looking ahead 24 hours. I would like to see the daily forecast go out 14 days.
The Conditions screen gives you a quick glance at current conditions for the location you have selected. All of the info is there including sunrise and sunset times.
For four bucks, this app is a no-brainer, you will use it daily if your life/hobbies revolve around outdoor activities. Highly Recommended.

Note: the beauty of iOS 4, I now have a Weather folder on my homescreen and kept my old stand by weather applications... Thus it is no longer a question of "either or".

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