Friday, June 26, 2009

Upgrades... Galore

Since the release of OS 3.0 many of the applications I use frequently have been upgraded. Below is a quick list:
  • Instapaper Pro 2.0: Upgrade includes folders to increase organization, speed enhancements and a social networking component leveraging "starred" articles.
  • 2.0 (free): This is a major upgrade, providing 15 day forecasts and 15 hours of hourly forecasts (both increased from 5).
  • 1Password Pro ($4.99 special): This is a paid upgrade from 1Password (free), the pro version incorporates copy & paste of passwords - especially handy of you are using secure passwords. One caveat, if you are a 1Password user and you upgrade to the Pro edition, you will need to re-sync your data into the Pro version.
  • Analytics App 1.3 ($5.99 new, free upgrade): Dig deeper... tap on items to see detailed reports. Increased speed, and removed the graph for the Today view.
  • AP Mobile News: added push notifications.. which work on my iPod Touch more consistently than on my iPhone 3GS and added weather by accuweather.
  • And one new FUN application: Check out Sonifi from Sonik Architects ($4.99). Remix a BT track... this is like carrying a pocket version of Ableton Live.
  • New Application: If you are an ATT U-verse subscriber (TV), check out the ATT U-Verse application, you can add & remove shows on your DVR, setup up your favorite channels and use your iPhone as a pocket guide! This application gives you quick access to the U-verse channel guide. I would like to see them add landscape view on the guide.

Upgrades known to be in the pipeline: NetNewsWire, DocsToGo, Pro

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