Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Evernote - The Virtual Shoebox (RWU)

Do you have intentions of keeping all of your newborn's keepsakes/milestones organized for years to come? I did with our 2 year old... and failed miserably. Since the birth of our first baby I have started using Evernote both professionally and personally - Evernote is a digital junk drawer and an extension of your brain. It is the perfect medium to capture those special moments!
Our second baby is due February 2, 2009, my plan is to leverage Evernote as a virtual Shoebox for baby number 2! A place to track all of the milestones, laughs, giggles and everything that goes into raising a child!.
If you have not a had a chance to explore Evernote, I suggest you do so. It is a cloud application with clients for the iPhone, web, OS X and Windows, you store data in the cloud which is then synced to your various clients. With Evernote you can store text, pictures, files, video and audio clips. Your iPhone or mobile device, such as a laptop, can be used as the capture device. To capture first words, funny phrases, first steps, etc, then upload these events to Evernote.
As an example, for child number one I created a text note labelled milestones, I update the evernote as events occur, usually just a short sentence. You would be surprised how much fun it is to review these comments 6 months later!
With a scanner you can easily scan and upload birth certificates, newspaper birth announcements or anything else out there in the analog world that you want stored virtually (How to scan directly into Evernote: see the Evernote Blog). Uploading digital photos from iPhoto or Aperture is as easy as emailing! With Evernote, an email address is provided, email a photo to your email address and that photo lands in your Evernote account. I use this feature to add one picture every every month, creating a virtual timeline where you can observe "how fast they grow up."
You can keep all of this information secure, or you can publish the folder for open web access so that friends and family can view. At this time there is no option to publish with password, I am hoping that this feature is added soon.
A basic Evernote account is free, or a premium account is available for $45 per year and provides for 500 mb of data transfer per month.

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