Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Big Day - Vlingo & Amazon Mobile

Two "Home screen worthy" applications launched today, an they are both free!
1.  If you are a regular Amazon shopper, it is worth your time to checkout the new Amazon mobile iPhone application.  Searching and shopping on Amazon with the new application is similar to using the iPhone optimized website, the shiny new "experimental" feature is "Amazon Remembers" - use your iPhone camera, take a shot of an item from within the app, the file is uploaded to Amazon and within a few minutes you are provided a link to that item on Amazon - complete with pricing.
2.  Vlingo - this application takes voice recognition one step further!  I use the Google mobile application daily, Vlingo may find a place on the home screen along side the Google application... or maybe even replace it.  After using Vlingo for less than an hour, I am impressed.  Auto dial has worked 100% of the time, where as the Google app worked 0% when trying to pull up contacts in my address book.  Look for an in-depth review in a few days... for now, I suggest checking it out - you can search, auto dial, post to twitter and/or facebook and use te iPhone's map application all with voice recognition.  All of this for zero dollars!

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