Sunday, November 23, 2008

iPhone 2.2 Update - Home Screen Shortcut

Now that we have been collecting/purchasing iPhone/Touch applications for 6 months, it is safe to say that most users have at least 3 screens of applications.  With the 2.2 firmware update Apple added a useful shortcut:  Press the HOME button from any of your home screens and you will be wisked back to your "primary" home screen.  This enhancement saves having to flick thru 6 or 7 screens to get back to your primary screen (and presumably the home of your "go to" tools!).
The idea of organizing your applications by screen is enforced by the new home screen shortcut.  With this blog I will be sharing with you my experience with iPhone/Touch applications, screen organization will be may method of rating aplications.  For example, the new Google mobile application with voice input, on my iPhone is placed on the Primary Home screen, usually within one click from launch, as it truly provides "information at your fingertips" type functionality!

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