Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Part 2:

Using the advanced google search tools, such as arimetic, dictionary and conversions. Also, a tad more detail on location based searching.

Search Tools:


  • "333 times 27"; see the screen image below, within a couple seconds you have the answer courtesy of the new on the iPhone. This is just the beginning...
  • "How many inches in a meter?"
  • "How many kilograms in a pound?"
  • "Define: obviate"
  • Stock ticker: for example say "A A P L" to return Apple's stock quote.
  • Sports scores.. speak the city and team name you are looking for.
  • Time. Speak "Time in London" to get the actual time in the city you are looking for.
  • Location based search: the video used a couple of examples, here are several additional examples that I tested: doctor, dentist, hospital, chiropractor, funeral home, gas station, library, bar, starbucks, church... speaking any of these terms into the provided a listing near my current location complete with one touch dialing and quck access to directions via the built-in
  • There were a few words that did not seem to work with the location search, they were: barber, ice cream, hair stylist and pharmacy... when I spoke these words they turned up a standard google result without the "Local results near:" listing.

At this early stage of reviewing the new voice aware google app, it looks to have a firm placing on my home screen, it is extremely useful in the car where voice input is preferred over texting.

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