Monday, May 18, 2009

All Things D - iPhone Application

Several weeks ago the Wall Street Journal iPhone application was launched, providing free access to what is normally paid content on the WSJ website. One of the kudos for the WSJ iPhone application is that it included content from the All Things Digital website. Now you have another outlet on your iPhone for the content of the All things Digital website, as WSJ released the All Things Digital (ATD) iPhone application (Free).
At first glance, the content appears to be the same, although broken down by author in the ATD application (I suspect that ATD has greater depth of content), Walt even has his own icon, as does BoonTown and John & Peter on the main page. More... includes the following subheadings.. Search, Voices, Video, Digital Daily, MediaMemo, Personal Technology, The Mossberg Solution, Mossberg's Mailbox, Mossberg, Photos, and D5-D7 conference entries.
Only time and exploration of this brand new application will tell if it is worthy of a separate icon on the "News homescreen" - in addition to the WSJ application, space is getting tight! According to the launch article, the new ATD application was developed by the folks at Newsgator and the application integrates with Twitter and Facebook.
Initial usage shows that the videos play over 3G network and seem to be centric around the D conference, as do the photos. There is in-application advertising, a lower third overlay that shows for a few seconds when opening an article, then slides away. The ATD application supports landscape viewing and provides for customization of the main menu bar.

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