Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kindle for iPhone - Old News by now.. A quick list of First Impressions

Instead of rewriting the review that has been done 10 times over already.. here are the links to excellent Kindle for iPhone first impressions. Followed by my Pro & Cons.


  • Gives you access to Amazon's Kindle ebook content (240,000 books).
  • If you own a Kindle, can take advantage of Whispersync, never lose your place from device to device.
  • iPhone more portable than Kindle.
  • Adjustable font size, color viewing and backlit with adjustable brightness via iPhone settings.


  • Can not access Newspaper/Magazine content.
  • Can not purchase books from within the app, must drop to web, the Amazon Kindle book site is not iPhone optimized.
  • Vertical orientation only, no landscape viewing.

In version 2, please give us newspaper & magazine content, tilt page advance as in Instapaper Pro and landscape viewing.

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