Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Serendipity! The Spice of Life!?

In a round about way I found It goes something like this: I switched from Twitterific to Tweetie, then installed Instapaper on my iPhone to maximize the Tweetie feature set, fell in love with Instapaper and purchased Instapaper Pro. While reviewing the Instapaper blog I saw mention of the "Give Me Something To Read" website. This website is now an icon on my "news and information" homescreen and I visit this website daily for unique reading.

Instapaper and/or Instapaper Pro are must have applications if you are a reader of web articles, for an overview of Instapaper functionality... see the excellent review. Briefly, Instapaper Pro is my "go to" application for reading any web article longer than a couple of sentences. Tweetie has built in functionality for sending a web article to Instapaper, NetNewsWire has Instapaper compatability coming soon and with a simple addition of the "Read Later" bookmark in mobile Safari you are seconds away from loading article upon article into Instapaper for review at your leisure. (Note, the $9.99 pro version is worth it for the "tilt scroll", switchable black background [great for bedtime reading] and marking your place in the article if you have to exit Instapaper mid-read)

The "Give Me Something To Read" website leverages the back end of Instapaper, collecting article selections from among the most frequently bookmarked articles... this is kind of like Digg without all the childish gaming! There are traditionally 5 articles added per day, and I usually find at least 2 or 3 articles that are of interest. Each article has a link to the original article, a brief 2-3 sentence teaser and the "Read Later" button, if the article is of interest just touch the "Read Later" button and send it to Instapaper for reading at your leisure.

I really enjoy the mix of topics, with recent titles such as: "Technology is Heroin", "How to Save Your Newspaper", "Obama's Vietnam" and "Eminem: The fall and rise of a superstar" to name just a few. From sources ranging from the Boston Globe to the UK Independent to, you name it! As you can see the topics cover just about every gamut from tech to politics to religion to light fare! If you have a curious hunger for serendipity... Give Me Something to Read is a website worth checking out.

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